Google Gsuite (formerly Google Apps for Business) is designed to work seamlessly on any device, on any operating system. Desktop, laptop, Chromebook, tablet, smartphone, Windows, Mac, Android or IOS. Edit documents and read emails on the go. Share information from anywhere. Create documents and spreadsheets on your computer, store them in the cloud and it will be available on your tablet, laptop or smartphone.

Instantly chat to coworkers with Google Hangouts totally integrated into Gmail and Calendar. Start a video chat and work with multiple people on the same document. Share a spreadsheet or present slides from your tablet.

What’s included in GSuite? Email, Calendar, Contacts, Word processing, Spreadsheet, Presentations, 30GB Cloud Storage, and Hangout chat apps.

GSuite is all in the cloud using Google data centres around the globe. No expensive applications to install and no updates or security patches required - Google takes care of all that for you in the cloud.

GSuite is designed for business and team collaboration. Your email addresses will have your business domain name rather than the generic gmail.com domain making you look professional.

We can setup and support your GSuite migration. Already have a .NZ domain name for your emails or website? No problem, we can direct your emails to GSuite.

We can also offer monthly support of your GSuite. So adding new users, removing users, resetting passwords or recovering lost files from cloud storage can all be done for you.

Don’t lose your files in the cloud, it can easily be done. Intentional or accidental pressing the delete button on a file, email, contact or calendar entry and then trying to find it months later, realising its gone. We are now authorised resellers of SpinBackup a backup solution for Google Gsuite.

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