Don’t risk losing your valuable data. Offsite backups are often overlooked in the small business. Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices are available where you can store or backup your computer data files. These can then backup and synchronise to the cloud using Amazon, Google or a Microsoft cloud storage account. A NAS device will sit on your network storing your data files working away in the background.

We can install QNAP NAS devices and configure it to synchronise to a cloud service each night. Don’t already have a cloud service? We can arrange for a Google Cloud Storage account (note that this is different to Google Drive) for your offsite backup.

We can also offer a managed NAS/Cloud service. We install the NAS device, configure the Cloud backup, install any updates to the NAS device, and if required restore lost files back onto your computer for a monthly fee.

Don’t have a need for a NAS device? We can still configure your computer to backup to Google Cloud Storage without a NAS device.

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